Myths About Acne

acneDespite popular belief, and even if you see it on television, some methods of skin care do not cleanse your acne away. They could event worsen your already bad skin. Here are the follow products and methods that you should avoid.

Astringents, exfoliators, masks, and toners – These products do not help clear acne at all. In reality, these can aggravate the skin and make your acne worse. These products may also make it more difficult to tolerate prescription acne medications, so it is best not to use them while treating your acne.

Greasy hair-care products – Oil-containing gels and pomades can drip to the skin (especially as you sweat) and clog pores. And as you know, clogged pores make acne.

Picking, popping, and squeezing pimples – People tend to do these to get rid of them quickly. However, this actually prolongs healing time and increases the risk of scarring.

Rubbing alcohol – Some people apply rubbing alcohol to dry out the oily skin, but it does not help clear acne nor prevent breakouts. It actually irritates the skin and makes it worse.

Tanning – There are some claims that acne clears with sun exposure. The truth is that it does not. Tanning, however, does increase your risk of developing certain skin cancers.

Touching the skin – It is advisable not to touch your skin frequently, since it would cause flare-ups.

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