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Candida Diet Basics

A lot of diet programs nowadays allow people to try several options if they wish to lose weight. But not all diets have that specific aim all the time. There are also other programs aiming to achieve other results like boosting or improving certain functions of the body. The targets are usually the body’s digestive […]

Signs That You May Be Unfit

Staying fit takes work. But most people will only make the effort to do the work when they realize that they are not fit. Unfortunately, a lot of people continue living day by day without having an idea about their level of fitness. But there are signs to look out for to know that one […]

Health Habits Not Worth Following

Popular health fads may have a lot of followers who can attest to the benefits they offer. But certain ones can sometimes promote things that may not really be good for you. These fads can make you develop certain habits that you think will help you stay fit and healthy. There are some habits that […]

The Vegetarian Diet

Still looking for alternatives? Not comfortable with a high-protein diet? People are becoming more health conscious. For the past few years, more and more diet plans come out. Books on health and fitness crowd book shelves providing tips and guideline to a healthier lifestyle. But if noticed most of the popular diets are protein-based. If you want a turn in your diet, one away from the protein diet, might as well check out another alternative diet. We are talking about the Dr. Ornish’s Diet, whi…

The Scarsdale Diet

By the year 1970s, Scarsdale has become a popular type of dieting. Scasdeale is actually as much as the same as Atkins wherein the major role is to lessen calories or carbohydrates. Propelled by Herman Tarnower, the basic principles of Scarsdale is to divide the the following: carbohydrates, proteins and fats into percentages. At present, Scarsdale is still used by many despite the increasing visibility of other types of dieting. Let us look into the major principles and characteristics of this …

Food Combining Diet

Food combining is a diet plan based on our digestion’s physiological chemistry.  Different food groups require different digestion times.  Digestion is helped the most by using food that have roughly the same digestion time. For instance, protein and starches have different lengths of time.  Proteins take a long time to digest, while starches digests fast.  When applying food combining rules, the two should be eaten at different times, although protein can be eaten with green leafy vegetables.Di…