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Understanding The 5:2 Diet

People who wish to keep fit would want to follow a diet regiment to help keep their weight in check. There are many types of diets people can choose from. Each one may have a different level of success, depending on certain factors. One of the more popular ones include calorie restricting diet programs such […]

Health Trends Not Worth Your While

People are now taking their health more seriously. But there are some who may be taking the wrong paths towards maintaining their fitness. Many tend to believe in what many health trends offer. More often than not, these health trends are not usually effective or are developed for long term fitness. Here are just some […]

Challenges Of A Gluten-Free Diet

Following a gluten-free diet is not easy. With most diet staples such as cereals contain gluten, most of the processed food found in stores may usually contain certain levels of gluten as part of the ingredients or as an additive. It can take some people time to get used to such a diet if they […]

Tips When Following The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet provides people who wish to lose weight another option when it comes to dieting and exercise. You may want to see the results of your actions immediately. But doing so will require that you do what is best to get the maximum results of your efforts. In following the Warrior Diet, you […]

New Diet Myths You Should Know

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, it is important to watch what you eat. The type of diet you follow can determine your success in trying to stay healthy and fit. But you should also be aware that there are certain myths about dieting circulating out there that many people perceive as fact. […]

Understanding The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet is a type of fad diet where nutritional intake is based on an individual’s blood type. It is considered a fad diet because currently, no studies have proven that it may actually work, especially in terms of weight loss. It is not the same as saying that following this type of […]

Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

She started out as an actress and now she has devoted her life for health and beauty. Being a figure of beauty especially in her youth, it is no wonder that Suzanne Somers devote her life now to improving one’s lifestyle. She is now an established author of a series of self-help book. What is Suzanne Somers DietHer diet program Somersizing is a plan highly based from French way eating, that is getting rid of funky food such as sugar and flour. Although it is a propeller of food combination, ther…

The Atkins Diet

Another popular type of diet is the one designed by Dr. Atkins. It based in the theory of taking in low carbohydrates. The premise for the diet is the theory that mostly overweighted people take in too much carbohydrates. Thus, it is assumed that with a low carbohydrate diet, an individual would have to loose weight. Its popularity rose during 2003-2004. What is Atkins Diet?Dr. Atkins claim that the major cause of obesity among individuals is the staggering increase in the intake of refined carb…