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Reasons Why You Are Getting Fat

There are a number of reasons why people gain weight over time. Many factors contribute to your body getting fat. Aside from age, your diet, and lack of physical activity, there are other reasons that may possibly be making you fat. Here are some of them. Too Much Stress                     Having a lot of stress in […]

Making Keeping Fit Enjoyable

The key to staying fit is having a regimen that you can do regularly. Not everybody is always motivated to maintain a fitness habit. The best way to do that is by making the activities fun and enjoyable. Here are some tips that will help you do just that. Do what you love doing. When […]

Top Tips To Help You Stick To Exercise

Exercising your way towards a healthy body is not easy for most people. There are times when they might take the short cut or even take a pass for a day even if they should be in the gym. Making exercise a habit takes discipline and motivation. It also helps if you can prevent cheating […]

Can You Be Fat and Fit?

While we often associate fat with anything that is bad in our body, there are people who look bigger than usual yet live an active lifestyle. There are football players, shot putters, hunters, and other people who do not let their large size deter their performance. So it begs to question: is it possible to […]

Benefits of Maintaining an Ideal Body Size

Having an ideal body size and maintaining it brings along a number of benefits that may not just be limited to one’s health. There are also other benefits people can enjoy because of having an ideal body size. Here are just some of them.Better Self-ConfidenceHaving an ideal body size is a good way to develop self-confidence. People who are overweight may easily feel insecure about themselves because they might feel embarrassed about their outward appearance. Better Financial and Career Opportuni…

Fit Students Score Higher in Academic Tests

A recent study has shown that physically-fit students tend to score higher on standardized academic tests compared to their less fit peers. It also shows that test scores dropped more than one point for each extra minute it took the subjects, consisting of middle and high school students, to complete a one-mile run.The subjects consisted of 749 fifth-graders, 761 seventh-graders, and 479 ninth-graders who attended schools in Southern California between 2002 and 2003. About half of the students w…

Couple Exercise May Help Improve Relationships

It seems that couples who workout together can also help enrich their relationship. People who find time to exercise along with their partners may be doing something that may help strengthen their bond and improve their love life. There seems to be two main reasons why this is so.Deepens IntimacyExercise, in itself may help deepen intimacy. There are various physical and chemical changes that happen in the body when one exercises. These same changes may also be affecting other aspects of one’s l…

Pushing Your Body to the Limit

Athletes and their trainers have had this long-held belief that if they exercise too hard, the body develops high amounts of lactic acid that halts the work out and causes muscle pains the next day. Recent study, however, show that lactate has nothing to do with “the burn,” but can actually be tapped to turbocharge one’s training.”When athletes are training to push up their lactate threshold (LT), what they’re really doing is training their bodies to use lactate as fuel,” according to George Bro…

Evaluate Your Health and Fitness

So you’ve decided to get fit and get in shape? You’ve asked your doctor’s advice and he’s already given you the thumbs up. You’ve read all of the literature regarding how engaging in a fitness program can dramatically improve your lifestyle by giving you increased resistance to chronic disease and by essentially managing your weight. Now, what do you do? Here are five easy steps to follow in order to craft the perfect fitness program that will reap results as well as the raves of your co-workers…

Fitness Programs: Staying Motivated

When a person decides to push through with a fitness program, it is important to take note of the nitty-gritty details that will be included in the program. It is important to note that a well-fashioned plan is created in order to get the optimal results in a fitness program. This being said, here are some important reminders as to what exactly should be considered when creating a fitness program. Carefully think about your goals. This only means that you should look at what you hope to achieve …