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Things That Can Affect Your Blood Pressure Readings

Your blood pressure levels can be an indication of your health. When your blood pressure reading is elevated, you eventually begin to develop serious health conditions. Getting that normal blood pressure reading can require changing bad habits, reducing stress, and following a healthy lifestyle. There are also other things that may have an effect on […]

Reasons Why You Are Getting Fat

There are a number of reasons why people gain weight over time. Many factors contribute to your body getting fat. Aside from age, your diet, and lack of physical activity, there are other reasons that may possibly be making you fat. Here are some of them. Too Much Stress                     Having a lot of stress in […]

Can You Be Fat and Fit?

While we often associate fat with anything that is bad in our body, there are people who look bigger than usual yet live an active lifestyle. There are football players, shot putters, hunters, and other people who do not let their large size deter their performance. So it begs to question: is it possible to […]

Benefits of Maintaining an Ideal Body Size

Having an ideal body size and maintaining it brings along a number of benefits that may not just be limited to one’s health. There are also other benefits people can enjoy because of having an ideal body size. Here are just some of them.Better Self-ConfidenceHaving an ideal body size is a good way to develop self-confidence. People who are overweight may easily feel insecure about themselves because they might feel embarrassed about their outward appearance. Better Financial and Career Opportuni…

How to Build Lean Body Mass

Aside from changing your eating plan, you should also modify your workout a little. Exercising is not just about losing weight and gaining muscles. You should make sure that the workout that you are doing fits perfectly to your lifestyle and body type so that progress can be seen quickly. Here are some helpful guides to put on a lean and cut physique.Start your day with intense cardio As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should perform about 30 minutes of cardio five times a week-on an emp…