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Eating Habits That Can Shorten Your Life Span

Eating healthy is easier said than done. While people need to be more focused in what they try to eat to stay fit and healthy, it can be easy to fall into the trap of poor eating without even noticing it. This can have an effect on the human life span for increasing the risks […]

Healthy Eating Alternatives

We are now living in a world where processed food is the norm. While they are convenient to eat, most processed foods are considered as unhealthy for our bodies. One reason is that processing them may require the addition of ingredients that may either be harmful for our bodies or too much for our daily […]

Interesting New Rules Of Healthy Eating

When it comes to eating healthy, there are some age-old tips that many people follow. But new developments and research has led to the creation of new rules of healthy eating. Here are some of the interesting new rules that you should know about. Eat the carrots, including the skin. If you wish to get […]

So-Called Healthy Foods To Avoid This Winter

Healthy eating is important for people who wish to stay fit. Every season that comes offer different types of food to eat. Some may be categorized as healthy food while some are not. Some may even mistake foods being healthy when they are actually not. And since the winter season is coming, here are so-called […]

Trimming Down the Right Way

Deprivation is a bad thing for dieters, according to Dietician Cynthia Sass (co-author of Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy), as trimming more than 500 calories a day can slow down one’s metabolism and could even trigger more intense food cravings. This is why diet experts recommend to trim your food intake wisely.Women’s Health magazine compiled a list of to-do’s in trimming down, depending on how fast you want to lose the excess weight, all without having to ditch the cake.How to lose one pound pe…