Concerns About The OMAD Diet

The OMAD diet has recently been getting a lot of traction among people trying out a different way to lose weight. The One Meal a Day diet may not be for everyone. There are some concerns regarding some of the potential negative effects of the said diet. Here are some of them.

Long-Term Caloric Restriction

One of the benefits of the OMAD diet is the reduced caloric intake that will lead to your weight loss. Eating just one meal a day will make it easier to reduce the calories you take since it can be a challenge to consume them all at once. But its benefit can also be a concern on the long term. While caloric restriction can help boost weight loss during the start of the plan, it can lead to the effects of chronic caloric restriction by following the diet for longer periods. One of the effects is slow down your resting metabolic rate, which can eventually make it more difficult for you to lose weight.

Medication Intake Concerns

The OMAD diet can be a concern for people who needs to take medication after every meal. With some prescription medications requiring people to take it with food in order to avoid certain unwanted conditions, following the OMAD diet at the same time may pose serious hurdles. It is important to discuss issue with a doctor first. Otherwise, it might not be a safe diet option.

Sudden Carb Intake

When you try to eat just one meal a day, you might need to eat all the food you need in one sitting. When it comes to a sudden intake in carbohydrates, the body may respond with a sudden glucose high that will lead to an insulin spike. This can sometimes affect the body’s rate of metabolism that will sometimes deter the rate of weight loss.

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