Signs That You May Be Unfit

Staying fit takes work. But most people will only make the effort to do the work when they realize that they are not fit. Unfortunately, a lot of people continue living day by day without having an idea about their level of fitness. But there are signs to look out for to know that one is unfit. Here are just some of them.

Frequent Feelings Of Tiredness

Most people have the preconception that those who go out to the gym to exercise can end up getting tired and fatigued. But unknowingly, people who don’t exercise can feel tired more often than those who don’t. if you have these feelings of tiredness even when you are doing nothing, then it can be a sign that you may be out of shape. 

Sugar Cravings

Your cravings can determine your level of fitness. Most people might think that when you exercise, you might be craving for  food  after a workout. But a study suggests that people who exercise on a regular basis actually have little interest in food even after a workout. But on the other hand, people who are out of shape or do little physical activity have increased cravings for sweets. So if you have been experiencing intense sugar cravings, then it may be a sign of being in poor shape.

High Resting Heart Rate

Your heart rate can determine whether you are in good physical shape. People who exercise regularly have a significantly slower resting heart rate. This means that the heart is functioning efficiently and requires less effort to let the blood circulate all around the body. If you have a high resting heart rate, that means that your heart seems to be working double time to let blood flow or circulate even when you are doing nothing. So if you have a high resting heart rate, it can indicate that you are out of shape. 

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