The Scarsdale Diet

scarsdale dietBy the year 1970s, Scarsdale has become a popular type of dieting. Scasdeale is actually as much as the same as Atkins wherein the major role is to lessen calories or carbohydrates.

Propelled by Herman Tarnower, the basic principles of Scarsdale is to divide the the following: carbohydrates, proteins and fats into percentages.

At present, Scarsdale is still used by many despite the increasing visibility of other types of dieting. Let us look into the major principles and characteristics of this diet.

Percentages: As described earlier, the diet is aims to divide proteins, carbohydrates and fats in percentages consequently, 43% protein, 22.5% fat, and 34.5% carbohydrates.

The Diet Menu: basically the menu is a combination of the 3 that were mentions above. Add to it is the intake of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. Scarsdale also encourage the intake of plenty of water. Calorie counting is not applicable as compared to other types of dieting.

Time Span: You can actually go through this diet for only 7-14 days.

Non-advocate of Exercise: Unlike Protein Power Diet, Scarsdale is not much a proprietor of exercise for weight loss. It is believed that the body is already taking the correct amount of calorie which can make a person healthier and fitter to do hard tasks.

The eating habits for the Scarsdale is very rigid and one must adhere to it with great discipline. Although meals are complete, snacks are never allowed. Sweeteners and even supplements are highly encouraged by the program.

This type of dieting is a quick and fast way to lose all those baggage, however, some health professionals frown upon this method since the process of losing weight is unhealthy. The deprivation of carbohydrates- one which is below the normal need of the body is seen as dangerous to one’s health.

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