The Vegetarian Diet

vegetarian dietStill looking for alternatives? Not comfortable with a high-protein diet?

People are becoming more health conscious. For the past few years, more and more diet plans come out. Books on health and fitness crowd book shelves providing tips and guideline to a healthier lifestyle. But if noticed most of the popular diets are protein-based.

If you want a turn in your diet, one away from the protein diet, might as well check out another alternative diet. We are talking about the Dr. Ornish’s Diet, which is called Life Choice Diet. Let us tell you what is isn’t– it’s not based on a high protein diet. On the contrary it’s vegetarian based.

This was actually introduced in 1993 and people still find it very effective. Although its a vegetarian diet, Dr. Ornish, believes firmly in the role of insulin and maintaining the blood sugar level in weight loss.

Let us discuss the uniqueness of this diet:

Vegetarian diet: Vegetarians or even vegans can lie in the comfort of this diet. Its an option they can take if they want a more balanced diet and healthier lifestyle. Basically, the diet is comprised of 10% fat, 15% protein, and the largest part 75% carbohydrates.

Just like any other diet, fats are not as much welcomed in this diet, not in that its bad, since we all know that fats are necessary for the body to function. Only a small amount of fats should be consumed.

Diet Composition: Dairy products are definitely out of the question for the Life Choice Diet. Only a certain percentage is allotted to these types of food.

Oils are definitely taken scarcely as possible. As much as possible, try to avoid eating, meat or animal products, nuts and seeds, chocolate and coconut, plus with the exception of avocado. Your diets should compose of the following:

vegetables, legumes, high-fiber grains, non-fat dairy products, and egg whites.

Discipline: There are two kinds of diet structures for Life Choice Diet: reversal and prevention diet. Reversal refers to the diet that should be taken by those with heart disease or has a high level of cholesterol. Compares to the reversal diet, prevention diet is less strict.

Benefits: The greatest thing about this diet is, it is not temporary. The diet is aims for a lifestyle rather than just trying to lose weight.

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