Keto Diet 101: Beginner Essentials

Losing weight is always a challenge for most people. It is easier to gain up excess weight in a short time than to lose it later on. The process of weight loss requires dedication and discipline. It is a requirement in order for a person to stick to a certain diet and lifestyle ideal for losing weight. But results may not always be the same for one person to the other, even if they follow the same weight loss methods. Some believe that following a certain diet regimen is the key to weight loss. When it comes to current diets, the keto diet seems to be gaining much traction among people yearning to lose excess body weight. But you may need to learn the basics before you consider getting into this diet.

What Is The Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is considered by many as an effective way of losing weight. Also known as the ketogenic diet, people also follow it s a means of improving health. The main objective of this diet is to more or less raise the levels of ketones found in the blood. The ketones become the alternative energy source of the body when blood glucose is in short supply aside from body fats. The body goes through a process of ketosis where the body starts to burn fat for energy. One way to make that possible is by following a low-carb and high fat diet.  As a result of ketosis, the body starts to reduce the insulin levels in the blood and increased burning of body fat.

Low Carb, High Fat Diet

The ketogenic diet instructs people to consume less sugar and carbohydrates while increase consumption of proteins and fats. Those under a keto diet needs to avoid eating foods that contain starch, sugar, or carbohydrates. This includes fruits considered as sweet as well as starchy root vegetables such as potatoes. A keto diet focuses on eating proteins such as meats, eggs, fish and seafood as well as natural fats. While dairy products are allowed, care should be taken when consuming them as other products may contain lots of sugar.

Known Benefits

The main benefit that one following a keto diet can enjoy is weight loss. As the body goes through ketosis, it starts to burn off stored fat in the body. This is the main reason of increased weight loss. One other benefit is the reduction of blood sugar levels, which is very important for those who suffer from diabetes.

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