Zone Diet

Heard about the Zone Diet? We suppose you have, since it is actually more popular than the Atkins and South Beach Diet.

There are so many ways to lose those pounds. Dieting comes in varying degrees that even some programs seem to become ridiculous to do.

Many people are so very into losing weight that they would do anything to have bodies as great as celebrities. Much like celebrities, many individuals leading a "non-paparazzi" lifestyle still gnaws on the idea of shedding off those extra pounds.

Society has its own standard of beauty. Being slim or thin is what is widely accepted as beautiful. Women, perceived with this idea of beauty is pushed to undergo all that dieting just to get the perfect figure!

Zone diet is just but one of the many ways to lose weight. Shedding off those pounds will never again be a problem to you. It was in the 1990s, that zone diet started and ever since has become the most reliable type of diet. What then makes this diet remarkable?

Excess Insulin

Zone Diet is based from the theory wherein excess insulin causes one to be fat. Insulin is the hormone in the body that helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

Zone diet assumes that by controlling and closely regulating the blood sugar levels, which includes the insulin, keeps the body from gaining weight. Through the close monitoring of this particular hormone, one is assured to be burning their fats efficiently and keeping only the fats needed by the body.

The diet

Given this premise as how the zone diet works, the diet would include a low-carbohydrate but high protein diet. Fats are not excluded but must be taken in moderation.


The diet is almost similar with other diets. But what really makes it different. Perhaps you would think the theory behind it is very simple. However, the execution is where it all lies a difference.

The main idea of the diet is to gain the 40% of calories from carbs, 30% from protein and another 30% from fat from every meal or snack. Thus, these food that are consumed every meal develops a standardized amount for each calorie and will stick to it. In such case, the body will adjust to these amounts, keeping only the needed calories.


Following this diet would at least make you lose about 5 pounds and about 1-1.5 pounds every week.

Zone diet seems to be easy, but it takes a lot of discipline to get the necessary output for your body. Compared to other types of diet, Zone diet has fewer restrictions but very time-consuming and even at times tedious. But then again, if you are serious about losing that weight, this diet will work for you.

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