Health Trends Not Worth Your While

People are now taking their health more seriously. But there are some who may be taking the wrong paths towards maintaining their fitness. Many tend to believe in what many health trends offer. More often than not, these health trends are not usually effective or are developed for long term fitness. Here are just some of them.

Fat-Free Trend

Going fat-free has become a common and popular trend. It stemmed from the wrong notion that avoiding dietary fats will prevent weight gain and other health conditions such as heart disease and several cancers from developing. This belief turned out to be false as studies indicate that a healthy diet requires moderate fat consumption, from 20 to 35 percent of the calories.

Carbohydrate Cutting Trend

A popular trend people follow in order to lose weight is cutting on carbohydrates. While avoiding low-nutrient carbohydrates may be a good decision, cutting all carbs from one’s diet is not necessary. All carbs should not be considered as entirely bad for you. The complex carbs are healthy choices which you need to add into your diet. They are healthy because they are fiber-rich and makes you feel full when you eat them.

Raw Vegan Trend

Going vegan may be a healthy option available for everyone. The raw vegan trend may be a bit overdoing it as part of a healthy lifestyle. While eating fresh fruits and vegetables may be considered as healthy, sticking to just this limited food group may result in certain nutritional deficiencies. Eating raw foods may prevent you from getting nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B and D, which are usually sourced from meat.

High-Protein Diet Trend

Just like the raw vegan trend, others take the opposite route and follow the trend of consuming a diet high in proteins. But too much of anything can be harmful. High protein diets are linked to kidney conditions, osteoporosis, and certain forms of cancer. Excess protein consumption can also lead to weight gain and prevent you from adding other healthy food groups such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables into your diet.

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