Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

She started out as an actress and now she has devoted her life for health and beauty. Being a figure of beauty especially in her youth, it is no wonder that Suzanne Somers devote her life now to improving one’s lifestyle. She is now an established author of a series of self-help book.

What is Suzanne Somers Diet

Her diet program Somersizing is a plan highly based from French way eating, that is getting rid of funky food such as sugar and flour. Although it is a propeller of food combination, there are certain varieties that she excludes from her list.

Her weight loss programs has gained popularity and is sought very much of many women. One of her successful diet plan is Somerzising. The major principles behind this are as follows:

Food Combining – Somers believe in the concept of combining food for her approach. The weight loss program therefore includes a variety of food choices as well as food combining. She divided the foods in 4 groups which are proteins/fats, veggies, carbs, and fruits. Moreover, Somers believes that while balancing your food intake, one must still exercise.

Diet – As mentioned, Somers suggest food combining and the list is long and its up to you which among which you would like to eat. The only lacking in her list of food suggestions, which by the way include chicken, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, dairy , and grains, is the quantity.

Somersizing – Comprises all the significant elements of a credible weight loss program: variety in food choices, gradual weight loss, and components for maintaining a desired weight change. The diet program promotes shifts

Her diet plans is pretty easy especially that she has provided a list in her book. You can prepare your own menu everyday without the hassles.

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