How to Improve Your Cardio

improving cardioOne of the most important things that one can do is to improve his or her cardiovascular exercises. This is a very integral part of a good weight loss plan as well as the cardiovascular health. There are a good number of people out there who do not put enough emphasis on the development of a good cardiovascular workout simply because they would want to tone their muscles more than their heart. One reason for this shift in focus is that these bodybuilders are usually more concerned about losing muscle mass. This is because the more cardio exercises that one does, the more muscle mass is stripped off from you.

There are several reasons why a person should develop a good cardiovascular exercise routine. Primarily this is to focus on the prevention of different diseases such as obesity and heart attacks. These cardiovascular health problems will be addressed if there is a sufficient amount of exercise that the cardiovascular system obtains each workout time. Another thing is that cardiovascular exercises are the ones which shed the layers of fat from one’s body. Doing this type of exercise essentially burns fat because of the intensity of the workout as well as the duration of the exercises.

So, now that we know what to do with our workout program, it would be a good idea to learn some practical approaches to improve the quality of our cardiovascular exercises. For beginners, it is recommended that you do aerobic exercises for as long as 10 minutes straight. For the more experienced group, it would be better if you do aerobics for about 20 minutes or a full hour. This will enable the heart to work more and essentially train it to make it stronger. As an aftereffect of the continuous exercise that is being done, weight loss will be definitely a plus. Once you get stronger, the only way to go is up which means that the duration of the workout should be longer.

Another thing to note about cardio exercises is the intensity of your workouts. It is important that for optimum fat loss and improvement of health, an exercising person should hit about 55% of their maximum heart rate. This is only for the beginners. For the more advanced person, it would be optimal if he or she would hit about 60%-90% of their maximum heart rates. This will enable the person to achieve a good heart workout that will only improve their hearts in the long run. A person’s heart rate level is 220 minus his or her age although this is a bit relative since there are different fitness levels for each person.

It would be a wise move to consult a physical fitness trainer in order for you to find out what the right goals are with your current fitness level. This will only improve the quality of your cardio exercises as well as enhance it to personally fit you to a tee.

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