Evaluate Your Health and Fitness

health evaluationSo you’ve decided to get fit and get in shape? You’ve asked your doctor’s advice and he’s already given you the thumbs up. You’ve read all of the literature regarding how engaging in a fitness program can dramatically improve your lifestyle by giving you increased resistance to chronic disease and by essentially managing your weight.

Now, what do you do? Here are five easy steps to follow in order to craft the perfect fitness program that will reap results as well as the raves of your co-workers.

One of the most important things in remembering evaluate how fit you are One should not be in the business of haphazardly running a marathon if his lifestyle has been sedentary for about half a decade. It simply is not the logical thing to do. You might biting off more than you could chew by engaging in more physical activity by what your now almost atrophied body can take.

It is important that you evaluate your aerobic and muscular fitness as well as the different areas of your personal health such as endurance, flexibility and the like. Some things to look out for are:

How long it takes for you to finish walking one whole mile

How many push-ups you can manage until you tire

How far you can reach forward while your legs are outstretched and you are sitting down on the floor

Your heart rate before and after engaging in a physical activity

Your BMI or Body Mass Index

These are all important things that one must go through before starting any other physical activity. It is very vital for your future and current health that you go through such a physical evaluation because all of the goals that you will be creating will be coming from this particular assessment.

If you find yourself slightly overweight and being more out of shape than you used to be ten years ago, then it would be a very good idea if you could improve your physical fitness by engaging in more cardiovascular exercises and trimming down a bit in order to ease the stress that it will put on your knees.

What’s important is that one considers all of the physical factors that may play into the success or the failures of the fitness program. But if you are able to assess yourself accurately and honestly, it will be a first step to a more fit and better you.

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