Essential Pilates Concepts

pilatesPilates is more than just an exercise that will help you lose weight and help you get in touch with one’s inner soul. There are several adaptations of the exercise that it has continually evolved into what we currently have now as the Pilates for the new generation. This brings with it several fundamental principles that correlate with each other to obtain a modern understanding of fitness, biomechanics and anatomy.

The following are just some of the principles that Pilates follows. They are the following:

Concentration – is an important factor in this type of exercise because it unites the mind and body. The consciousness that one puts in the exercises brings the person to have a more enhanced experience by becoming more aware of the muscles and the different motions that it creates. If one is more aware of the movements of his or her body while doing Pilates, then it has succeeded in addressing one of the primary concerns that Pilates intends to improve in a person.

Control – The way most aerobics classes work is that the body is repetitively subjected to different moves that will supposedly burn enough muscle and fat in order to obtain the proper workout. With Pilates, quality of movement is much more valued that repetition. If the form of a specific movement is safely and effectively executed, then that is what Pilates is all about.

Centering – In order to calm the spirit, one should develop a focused mental self. Every action initially stems from the trunk which is the core of the body and flows outwardly to the other extremities of the body. This makes developing a strong core one of the key fundamentals in Pilates. It is all about redirecting one’s focus to the strongest area of the body which controls the different movements of all the other parts. One of the major factors of the body’s strength is the spinal column. In order to have a focused spinal column, all of the surrounding muscles should be able to support the rest of the torso, which in effect, enables the rest of the body to function much more efficiently.

Breathing – One of the most important things when exercising is learning how to properly breathe. It should not be seen solely as the inhalation and the expiration of air from the lungs. One must look at breathing as one of the opportunities of the body to fully oxygenate the cells of the body and clear it of the filth that it constantly takes in.

The principles themselves might be seen as common knowledge but the execution of these moves are quite challenging and must be strictly followed in order to obtain the maximum amount of benefit to the body. In a way, Pilates is all about discipline and after you incorporate it into your lifestyle, you might find yourself wanting more and more of it in the end.

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