Reasons Why You Are Getting Fat

There are a number of reasons why people gain weight over time. Many factors contribute to your body getting fat. Aside from age, your diet, and lack of physical activity, there are other reasons that may possibly be making you fat. Here are some of them.

Too Much Stress                    

Having a lot of stress in life can contribute to weight gain. While people need a normal dose of stress in order to stay mentally healthy, too much of it can have an effect on weight. It may not just be because of too much stress leads you to eat more. It also has to do with having too much of the hormone known as cortisol. When the body is stressed, it usually produces more cortisol as a way to cope up with increased alertness and focus to face problems. At the same time, the hormones cause your body to hold on to fat stores as well as enlarge your fat cells. This causes you to gain fat the longer you undergo through stress.

Lack Of Sleep

Another reason you may be getting fat is due to lack of sleep. People who sleep for shorter hours than what is considered sufficient tend to eat more. It may be due to the fact that lack of sleep may eventually have an effect on the appetite center of your brain. It may be one way your body tries to compensate for the lack of sleep time for it to recover.

Gut Bacteria

The bacteria living in your stomach may also hold the key as to why you are gaining weight. The type of bacteria living in your gut may either cause you to gain weight or help you lose them more effectively than others. Some bacteria help in the digestive process that enables people to burn calories more effectively. Others lack this balance of bacteria that affects how their bodies burn calories, sometimes due to medication as well as the type of food they eat.

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