Build Muscle And Lose Fat

building muscleIn the fitness world, it may seem impossible for a person to simultaneously build muscle while losing fat simply because the method in which the two things are achieved are absolutely contradictory. This is because of the fundamental fact that in order to lose one’s body fat, he or she must eat less and take in lesser calories. But in order to build muscle, one has to eat more. Clearly this is something that cannot be done simultaneously.

In order to strike a balance, one should be conscious of the necessary workout adjustments that should be implemented. This type of exercise program will not be a run-on-the-treadmill type of exercise workout. To be able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time the type of workout should be an alternating moderate and hard weight workout session while setting aside a part of the week for a “cutting phase” and a “building phase”.

A cutting phase is simply defined as a part of the week that the individual eats less and less calories while a building phase is the part of the week that the individual must consume more calories in order to build up his or her physique. This method of splitting a week into two distinct phases enables the metabolism of an individual to be elevated. In order for this type of fitness program to work, there should be a combination of intense weight training exercises coupled with an appropriate diet and supplementation.

The first step in this program is to be able to lose fat. This is done by eating few servings of carbohydrates while burning excess fat. The only problem with this is when you eat less calories, that means that you will be burning more protein which will burn up more of the muscle tissue. That means that when you cut down on your calories, it will be possible that whatever muscle tissue you have will decrease. The solution to this is that you should increase your protein intake when exercising with only a few calories due to a decrease in your carbohydrates.

This only takes care of the fat. The other issue is that one should also be looking at how to improve the muscles in a workout. One should also remember that in order to facilitate the building of muscle tissue, one should take in more carbohydrates in order to have enough energy to last throughout the workout. If one does not have enough energy, he or she will not be able to pull through the heavy-lifting that is required of a strenuous workout. Therefore, one should be able to take in as much calories in order to get big.

If followed correctly, one should be able to build a better physique by taking out the excess fat and burning it for good and then growing the muscles at the same time. And alternating approach as mentioned earlier will be very optimal in order to keep metabolism rate to a maximum and the buildup of fat to a minimum. In the end, the end product will be a better cut and bigger body for the individual.

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