How Women Build Muscle

Build musclesWomen should be in the know whenever fat-burning and building muscle mass is the topic simply because there are a lot of exercises out there which are not helping the people training. One indicator of this is that these exercises are done in a hurried manner and they are not properly executed. If the form and the routine is corrected, it will be only be a few sessions when the individual will be seeing the results in her mirror. Here are a few tips on how to correctly burn fat and build muscle.

Everyone knows the treadmill and what it is for. This is one of the most typical exercise machines you can find in a gym. However, there are certain movements that are optimal and negative for this type of exercise and there are those movements which do nothing but stunt the burning of more fat.

One of the more incorrect motion that happens here is the bouncing that one does on the treadmill. When a trainer is on the treadmill, the movement should be forward, not vertical. Not only does vertical movement waste energy, it also burns less calories as opposed to bouncing on the treadmill.

Another tip for the treadmill is to constantly change up your routine. The workout might be correct but the routine might leave so much more to be desired since it will always be that same old boring technique that your muscles will be going through.

Essentially, if you try walking backwards at a slow pace on the treadmill and do laterals, you will, in effect, surprise all of the muscles that are not being used when you are only walking forward. This routine might surprise the person next to you as well but it certainly will be an advantage for those muscles which did not expect such a range of motion to happen at that particular point.

For weight lifting, one should remember to forget being the dainty weight-lifter who does not go above 10 pounds. The secret to building more muscle for women is that they should do it with much fervor. Forget the fact that you are looking weak and have changed into the color pink. The intensity of your workout should be up to the point that after the very last repetition for those dumbbell curls, you should feel as if all you wanted to do is put the weight down.

A good sequence of workouts can be that for one day, you will lift a weight that you can do up to maximum of 12 repetitions; for the next session, pick a weight which you can lift for up to 15 reps. And then on the last session, increase the weight so much so that you will only be able to lift a maximum of 8 reps. This will build more muscle and effectively burn more fat in the process.

These are just a few reminders for women on how to be able to do less and essentially burn more calories. If done religiously, these will mean the difference between a tiring and a successful and fruitful workout.

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