Antioxidants For Anti-Aging

Everybody ages although it is very important to know that aging can be slowed down by including several anti-aging elements in one’s diet. That fountain-of-youth compound goes by the name of antioxidants.

These antioxidants are the ones which fight the free radicals which damage our cells. The free radicals are the ones responsible for premature aging, cataracts as well as other aging-related conditions. The more free radicals that one has in his or her body, the faster he or she will age.

It turns out that these free radicals are by-products of the metabolic process and their production and the damage that they inflict on our health is increased by the different pollutants that are found in our environment. These pollutants are mostly smoke due to smoking, excessive alcohol and even ultraviolet radiation.

There are things that simply cannot be avoided such as the ultraviolet radiation. One can wear sunscreen at most but unless you don’t plan on leaving the house ever again, your chances of taking out ultraviolet from your list of free radical sources is slim to none.

One of the better alternatives is to get ample doses of antioxidants in one’s diet in order to stave off premature death of cells which will consequently slow premature aging. The important thing to remember is that antioxidants are not available in the body and thus you must consciously include them in your diet or else you will have to succumb to the stress and the consequences of aging faster than you can say "ultraviolet".

The foods which are rich in antioxidants are mostly fruits and vegetables so it is really important for one to get enough servings of that everyday. There are also supplements that can be taken which are more commonly known as vitamin C, E and Selenium which are primarily found in the different nutritious foods that we know or in supplements.

This is because it may be easier to eat foods which simultaneously fill you up and provide your daily nutrition needs as well as the antioxidants that go along with it, it is noteworthy that one gets enough fruits and vegetables in his or her diet in order to have enough antioxidants in their body. Add to this type of diet a steady stream of supplements and you might as well have found the fountain of youth. Eat right, live young and celebrate!

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