How Antioxidant Works

These days no medicine cabinet would be absent of vitamins. Every household has their our set of vitamins, even kids take some. One of the compositions present in these vitamins are antioxidants.

We have heard so much about antioxidants but are these exactly? From the discovery of vitamins, studies have recognized the importance and presence of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very salient in the diet of every human being and, yes, even in other mammals. Most companies producing vitamins include antioxidants in their formulations.

The next question about antioxidants would be– what is its importance in our body?

There are those in our cells which we call free radicals. What are free radicals? What does it do to our body? Free radicals cause damage on the cells of the body. It actually accelerates the aging process of the body! Now we hear you screaming! That is the major purpose of antioxidants– to fight the free radicals. Let us enlighten you more about antioxidants:

Neutralizing free radicals

There are natural antioxidants in the body that blocks the damages. Supplements however, adds on in neutralizing this age- causing radicals since the body does not produce as much antioxidants.

Fighting agent

Antioxidants, apart from slowing down the anti- aging process, is beneficial in reducing the risks of cancer and heart diseases.

Vegetables and fruit

Whenever you fruits and vegetables, you are actually taking in antioxidants. They are naturally present in food and have been proved by researches to be the best source.


Some of the popular antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E, even green tea and beta carotene. Although it has been discussed that antioxidants are beneficial to the body, what is not known to others is it can also serve as pro-oxidant. This means it may cause oxidative damage especially if taken in excessively.

Before taking any sort of antioxidant supplement, make sure that you have researched or read everything about it. Supplements of this kind are increasingly marketed. As mentioned earlier, too much antioxidants in the body may cause the reverse effect on the body. It is always wise to have a thorough knowledge of anything that we take in, in our body.

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