Most Popular Herbal Supplements

Seeing so many advertisements on line on herbal supplements but do not entirely know what each herbal can do for the body?

Herbal Supplements are becoming widely accepted by the community. In addition to the vitamins that are prescribed by doctors, many are adding on herbal supplements. Herbal supplements has both pros and cons as all medicines are. Here we provide you with some of the popular herbs used as supplements. A word of caution though, if you wish to take any of these herbs as a dietary supplement, it is best that you consult your doctor. Your body might react differently.

Most Popular Herbs:

Echinacea: reduces the symptoms of common cold. It is also known for decreasing the asperity of nasal congestions, headache and cough.

Bilberry: apart from being the main ingredients in jams and pies, billberry is known to treat eye conditions. Apart from this, it is also popular for strengthening the blood vessels.

commonly found in household kitchen, this herb is popular for its “anti-nausea” attributes. It fights cold. Another popular claims on the ginger is its efficacy in if not treating, controlling hypertension.

it is known for being an adaptogen. This would mean that its helps increase the body’s resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress. It strengthens the body– both mental and physical.

best used for topical use such as to heal burns, wounds, sunburn, even genital herpes. It can also be taken orally for individuals with ulcers, diabetes and crohn’s disease.

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