How to Control Your Hunger

Everyone goes hungry. Some people experience it more often than others and studies have shown that there just might be a scientific explanation that particular phenomenon.

Because hunger is one of the body’s indicators that something needs to be done, it tells the body there it needs to have enough calories that it needs for efficiently performing for the rest of the day. There is one drawback to this stimuli: it will work contrary to your decision of losing weight.

The most logical conclusion that some people will arrive at when think about losing weight is that they should eat less. However, in the event of eating fewer foods, it will only increase the hunger that a person is feeling. And the longer a person does not eat, the hungrier he or she will become. And the downside to it is the longer a person does not eat, the more likely that overeating will happen.

Because overeating will fill you up with more food, it will simply add more to a person’s current weight which will consequently not help any person’s weight loss goals. In fact, overeating may even reverse a person’s weight loss progress which is something very undesirable.

Knowing that it’s bad for one to forgo one’s meals, then the only solution is to eat. However, it should be done responsibly and intelligently. The different types of food that are available to us are varied enough for us to have a wide array of choices.

A person can have his or her fill with a few candy bars or a single baked potato while having the same caloric content. This is the dilemma that faces people nowadays. There are foods which satiate a person better while containing the same amount of calories.

There are foods that when you eat them, will have a different effect on the amount of hunger that they can hold off. Some particular foods are able to fill the stomach faster than other foods. If this happens, overeating will less likely occur.

It has been observed that those foods which contain large quantities of water, protein and dietary fiber are those foods which satiate the person better and longer as opposed to those foods outside their classification. The foods which contain a lot of fat, starch as well as sugar are those foods that are very easily overeaten by most people.

Vegetables, fruits and lean meats which contain hefty amounts of protein are those foods which are said to have the highest fullness factors. By this we mean that they do a better job of controlling and stopping one’s hunger from getting out of proportion.

Therefore, it’s not the amount of food that we take in but it’s how much it will fill us when we’re finished eating it. The choice is left up to the consumers.

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