How To Prevent Overeating

It is common knowledge that most people overeat. But to get to the point of knowing why people do it is something entirely different. It turns out that there are subtle factors that play into an overeater’s psyche. It is almost undetectable and could not be noticed by average hungry person.

Researchers have found that if different types of foods are given very evocative-sounding names, it gives the people more reason to get more. The experiment went like this: an unsuspecting group of people were served thank-you meals and were introduced to the classy-sounding foods.

The people were very responsive and willingly took heaping amounts of the meals which were being weighed by scales that were hidden under their dish towels. Because the meal they were served was professed to be an elegant thank-you meal, some subjects ate bigger portions.

The findings that were done in the lab were quite telling. Because of this, one must devise a plan and a set of steps in order to avoid the pitfall of overeating. In order to stop the from eating too much, one could essentially create “stop signs” for them to stop eating. A very practical way to do this is to apportion a manageable size of any snack and put it on a small-sized plate and then leave the rest in the kitchen.

The thing that would follow is when the plate is empty, it would be the stop sign for you to stop eating already. Studies have shown that if a person has to walk for more food, it would be less likely that they’ll get another serving. If the person would really prefer that a bag would be in front of him, it would be wise to simply get single-serve packs which have a considerably lower amount of calories compared to the whole bag of food.

Another thing that should be given attention is the fact that not because the food label already says low-fat or low-calorie, it already means that one can munch on a whole bag without getting stuffed with more calories. Never assume that a particular food is healthy just because of the evocative food label that was plastered on its wrapper. By all means, check if the food you are eating can indeed help you and your diet in the long run.

Finally, one should be extremely sensitive to the feeling of fullness. Most people try to finish whatever is put on their plate. This should not be the case as it is clearly not a good indicator of whether one should stop eating or not. If you feel that your hunger pangs have already subsided, try to mellow down and feel if you are still hungry. If you are not hungry anymore, then it would be a good idea to stop. The technique is to get or ask for smaller portions before you start eating.

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