Weight Loss Motivation and Rewards

There are times during a specific diet that a person’s weight loss plateaus. The weight lost is simply not as fast as before. This particular occurrence is something that a religious dieter sometimes goes through.

There are instances when the person is already halfway towards his or her goal when suddenly, after doing the same exercises he or she has done before, it seems that she’s losing less and less pounds or sometimes, maybe even none.

This is what gets most people discouraged and it is because of this that most people backslide and tell themselves that they’re not going to shed those stubborn pounds off. The will of the person is simply crushed and suddenly, going back to your old bingeing ways seems to be the only solution to the problem. However, there is one creative solution that can boost one’s resolve—it is the principle of rewards.

One thing that each and every dieter should remember is that all this hard work will eventually be worth it in the end. If a person sticks to his plan, he or she needs to realize that there will be some things that will be different in the future. It will either be a tremendous and successful weight loss or a goal achieved or maybe the praise of one’s colleagues and family regarding a job well done.

But ultimately, everything that is happening is for an ultimate reason and that is for you to lose weight. If a person has worked hard enough to lose a considerable number of pounds, it would be a good idea to reward oneself for coming this far.

It would do well if one would simply forget about losing weight for a moment and then reward oneself with the pair of signature shoes that you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself, get together with a friend for a afternoon with coffee, get a Swedish massage in a spa or maybe just watch a feel good movie and rest for the day.

After that, it may do you good to paste a photo of yourself at your heaviest weight onto a poster board and create a collage of your goals. Beside your photograph, paste a series of images that have been cut out from magazines or catalogs that you want to do when you have already hit your goal. This could be a vacation with friends or maybe a new gadget for your computer. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

In order to  be fully reminded of your goals, try including an inspirational quotation. This, along with the other suggestions, will be able to remind you to keep on pressing towards the goal of weight loss freedom.

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