Choosing an Ideal Body Size

Ideal body size may be different from one person to another. But it is usually being determined according to one’s weight relative to height , gender and age. It may also be based on the one’s Body Mass Index or BMI. Having the right body size and maintaining it may help determine one’s health. An ideal body size should be patterned somewhere along the a person’s category considered as the healthy standard.

Body Fat Percentage

A person’s body fat percentage is what may determine whether a person has an ideal body size. Generally, the higher one’s body fat index is, the higher the risk one may have in terms of developing certain health issues. Having your body fat tested may be one way in trying to move closer into knowing your ideal body size.

When body fat is measured, the water and muscle percentages are also determined. With the body’s water percentage remaining almost constant, the fat and muscle percentages may provide the differences between having a healthy body size. The less muscle percentage, the more body fat one may have and vice versa.

Ideal body fat percentage is usually measured according to gender and age. The body fat percentage usually increases as the person ages. It is not necessarily better have low body fat since the body may also need it in order to stay healthy. The recommended body fat percentage for women is 12 percent while men needs around 5 percent to stay healthy.

Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index is another means to help you determine your ideal body size. Essentially, BMI is being used by medical professionals to determine whether a person is overweight or obese. Body Mass Index is a comparison between a person’s weight relative to his or her height. This measure is not used to determine body fat percentage but more on an estimate of a healthy body weight based on a person’s height. The ideal BMI for most people should fall between the range of 18.5 and 24.9. Men generally may have a higher BMI and still be considered at an ideal weight as compared to women.

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