Massaging Cellulite to Lose Weight

massageIf there is one thing that fat people hate, it is the accumulation of cellulite, which is usually found in specific areas of the body. Note that cellulite, also known as white fat, is different from body fat.

Cellulite, unlike body fat, serves no useful function, does not insulate or cushion the body, and-sadly-does not go away through dieting and exercising. The only options to get rid of cellulite is either through massage, surgery, or liposuction. The latter two can pose health risks, even death, but it is considered as a last resort for people who could not walk or have bad joints because of their obese weight.

Meanwhile, massage can be administered where cellulite tend to gather such as the sides of the thighs, the upper arms, across the abdomen, around the hips, and on the breasts. Here are helpful ways to rub your body to lose the dimply cellulite.

Warm-up – Apply massage oil on your hands. Rub your palms together to warm it up.

Rub and knead – Rub the oil on the affected area until it is fully absorbed by the skin. Then, knead the body part by pinching the lifting the fat and skin folds between the thumb and four fingers. Do this for about five minutes, starting gently at first then applying more pressure as you get used to it. After which, rub the area briskly with the palm of your hand.

Keep it warm while resting – Place hot towels on the area after massaging and leave it for about five minutes.

Massage one or two areas at a time – Give each area your concentrated attention so each body part receives the optimum treatment. Move on to another area the following day, working round the affected areas in a cycle.

Rest for a couple of days each session – Cellulite massage is very vigorous and can leave the affected areas sore after each treatment. Allow a gap of a couple of days between sessions per body part.

Expect some pain – Cellulite massage is not just a massage, but a means to break up fat. It will necessarily involve pain and bruising caused by bruised fat tissues. Although it will leave you sore for several days, it should not be a cause of concern.

Things to avoid – Do not massage areas that are affected by varicose veins, recent scar tissue, or open sores.

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