Surprising Causes Of Weight Gain

Gaining weight can be due to a number of reasons. People know some of them. There are also others that might be quite surprising. Here are some of them that might not always be what people have in mind when it comes to weight gain.


Depression can also be a reason why people can gain weight. The condition does so in two fronts. One, some medications used for treating depression may also cause weight gain. Not only that, people who are sad and lonely and exhibit depression-related symptoms are also known to gain weight. It may be attributed to the high-fat, high carbohydrate diet some people follow to find comfort or answer for their somber mood. Some people who suffer from depression may also start to become lethargic and become inactive. This behavior can contribute to lower physical activity that can promote weight gain.

Birth control pills

For women, taking birth control pills can surprisingly gain weight. Some contraceptives that use the hormone progesterone have shown in studies to increase appetite, a possible reason for the weight gain. Some forms of birth control can also cause weight gain as a result of water retention.


If you have seasonal allergies and taking allergy meds regularly, it may be surprising to point out that you may be at risk of gaining weight. While experts are not exactly sure how both over-the-counter and prescription allergy meds, they believe that the function of combating allergies by blocking the production of histamine may also lead to increased feelings of hunger.

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