Reasons You Might Be Getting Heavier

Many people try very hard in order to maintain a healthy weight level. The challenge may vary from one person to another. But one thing is sure- while it will take some work for people to lose weight, it is quite easy to gain them. For those trying to avoid piling up those excess pounds, it is good to have a better understanding on how our bodies gain weight. Sometimes, there are obvious reasons and then there are some surprising ones. Here are some of the surprising reasons why you feel you might be adding up pounds to your weight.

You are quitting smoking.

While stopping your smoking habit may be a good decision for your health, it has an unfortunate effect. Ceasing to smoke may cause changes in your body such as causing weight gain. One of the possible reasons is that the nicotine found in cigarette smoke is a known appetite suppressant. Quitting smoking may cause your appetite to build up, making you eat more. Not only that, some people trying to quit smoking will try to find something to keep them away from doing so. Some people find that in food.

Taking sleep for granted.      

While some people may think little of sleep due to their busy day-to-day schedules, they might need to think again. While some people may be puzzled why they are gaining weight, their lack of sleep may be one reason. Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal changes that can result in a sluggish metabolism. Increased waking times may also give people more opportunities to eat more meals daily, which can mean excess calories that translate to added body weight.

You are always stressed.

While a certain amount of stress may be good for the body, a constant and excessive amount can be bad. It can be a reason why you may be gaining weight. Increased stress can cause your cortisol levels to rise. Higher cortisol levels can cause the body to go into survival mode. Increased levels of this hormone signal the body to start storing up fat for survival, increasing your appetite.  Not only that, overly-stressed people try to find an outlet to vent out and relax. It turns out that eating offers the convenient outlet they need.

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