Why Being Underweight Is a Bad Thing

It isn’t a laughing matter but those people who have scrawny legs, long necks and stick-thin frames most definitely might be underweight. In order to find out if you are indeed underweight, it would be best if you measured your BMI or Body Mass Index. A normal BMI range is 18.5-24.9 while a person is considered underweight if he or she has a BMI of below 18.5.

There are several reasons why being underweight is not healthy. First of all, it has been found out that people who have a normal body weight have a tendency to live out more years and enjoy the best health. People who are underweight mostly likely risk their health by not being of normal weight.

One of the things that being underweight may mean is that their bones might not be as strong compared to those who are of normal weight. This puts underweight people under the risk of osteoporosis.

The problem with underweight people is from the outside, they might seem well or they could technically be fit as a fiddle. The only noticeable thing about them is that they have a slender body frame. This could affect their immune system because they have fewer fats in store in order to compensate for their health should they fall ill. Being overly slender and underweight might also affect one’s period and may make it irregular which will affect fertility.

There are many people who stay slender despite the amount of food they take in. It might simply because that they usually eat the right amount of food in order to supply their bodies with their calorie needs and it also is because of their natural level of appetite which enables them to just eat right.

If a person has undergone recent weight loss and has essentially made them underweight, that person might be feeling always tired. If that is the case, it might be a good idea to schedule a meeting with your doctor in order to determine the right course of action if indeed you are underweight.

There could be a possibility that you are overly conscious of gaining weight that your concern has grown into an obsession and has grown to be an eating disorder instead. In either case, a doctor’s appointment is in order. Being underweight is as grave as being overweight and the issues are just as significant. Either way, the person should address the problem immediately, consult a doctor and start eating right.

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