The Good In Going Offline

With the modern conveniences that make life easier, you would think that life would be stress-free. But on the contrary, the stress of life today has seemingly increased. One of the reasons for this is due to the increase of a person’s online use.

The online world has made everything more accessible to a greater number of people. It has made information more easily accessible to people that it becomes very overwhelming. Not only that, excessive online activity is also a common reason why people seem to become more and more stressed these days.

Surprisingly, staying online has increased with people using social media as a main source of entertainment and venue of personal expression. It has come to a point for most people that staying constantly online has become the norm. It has even affected some people’s sleeping patterns as well as their overall health. For those who have become addicted to this, there may be an immediate need to unplug. It may be difficult, but taking that first step may give people of insight of the benefits of going offline.

Helps Improve Your Focus

With a lot of online stuff to explore in so short a time, people have become quite impatient. It has affected their focus and concentration in doing things that require some time to accomplish. The habit of flipping through apps and web pages gives the brain a dopamine hit with the excitement of getting new information at a fast pace. The habit will lead to people develop the inability to focus deeply on doing tasks. Changing that bad habit can help improve one’s focus over time even though it might be difficult at the early stages of going offline.

Improves Real Social Interaction. 

People think that the social networks and mobile phones allow them to communicate better with other people. But the fact of the matter is that online activity does the opposite. Online interaction makes more and more people avoid personal connections. It prevents close and personal interaction from happening. Going offline can actually help people learn how to interact better with other people on a personal basis.

Lessens Your Risk Of Getting Depressed

Spending time online can allow you to connect with many people through social media. But too much of it can also increase the risk of depression. The reason may be due to the effect of online social comparison. Going online allows you to see the lives of others. Seeing others seemingly leading “better” lives than you can make one feel depressed and even develop low self-esteem. Avoiding such instances by simply going offline can help cut back the risks.

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