Low Calorie Diet Plan

yogurtThe idea of cutting back on calories in order to lose weight is a very significant fact. However, there are those people who absolutely cringe at the thought of ditching and not eating their favorite ramen noodles anymore. For those people who love to eat ice cream, they automatically shut off any idea that they might not be able to enjoy those types of foods anymore. Fortunately, there are food alternatives to those people who sincerely want to have a reduced calorie diet. Here are some suggestions for some all-time favorites.

Dairy products

For normal evaporated whole milk, you could substitute fat-free evaporated (skim) milk or reduced-fat (2%) milk. For those people who love eating ice cream, it would be very good if you just eat sorbets or fat-free frozen yogurt. They actually taste like ice cream but they’re not ice cream. It actually gives you the best of both worlds.

Cereals, grains & pastas

A good alternative for ramen noodles would be normal rice or noodles such as spaghetti or macaroni. For those pastas with white sauce (Pasta alfredo), you can substitute pasta with red sauce. Pasta with red sauce (Pasta marinara). And for the ever-famous Granola, you could eat bran flakes or crispy rice instead. A better alternative to those would be oatmeal.

Snacks and sweets

Instead of munching on normal nuts, try eating the air-popped microwave popcorn. And for custards that are made with whole milk, opt to replace them with pudding made with skim milk.

Fats & oils

Mayonnaise can be ditched for a lighter type of mayonnaise or can even be replaced with mustard sauce. Replacing the usual butter and margarine on toast with jam or honey on toast is a very viable and equally delicious option for those who want to cut back on calories.

There are a thousand and one options that one can avail of when he or she wants to cut down on their weekly calorie consumption. There are as much choices out there for foods with a high calorie count compared to those which have a reduced calorie count.

The important thing is to be extra conscious of what goes into your body. And after you’ve given it a try and the body has begun noticing how much has changed in your diet, it will continue to adjust accordingly and will be a good starting point for a healthy lifestyle.

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