Recommended Daily Calorie Intake

Men and women are no doubt, biologically different. However, the physical attributes are not the only things that men and women differ in.

Because human beings need to be able to obtain sustenance in order to survive and function properly, they are, in fact, eating animals. And even though men and women are in the everyday habit of eating, they also differ in the amount that they need to eat. That only means that men and women have different calorie needs on a day-to-day basis.

The calorie requirements for men vary from person to person. It is largely dependent on a person’s weight, fat-muscle ratio, age, gender as well as physical exercise.

Although basically, a man’s calorie needs may be determined by looking at two different elements: the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate and physical exercise. The BMR is essentially the number of calories that a man’s body needs to enable the body to continue with its vital functions such as respiration, heart beat and other functions.

Essentially, a man and a woman’s daily calorie need is just the number of calories for them to maintain their weight. In order for them to gain weight, there should be a marked increase in caloric intake. Conversely, if the person needs to lose weight, there should be a decrease in the intake of calories.

Ideally, In order to shed off a pound a week, there should be 3,500 less calories in one’s diet. If a person wants to gain a pound a week instead, then he or she needs to take the same number of calories in one’s diet.

The way that they differ is through the computation of each gender’s BMI (Body Mass Index) which is the indicator whether a person is obese, underweight or of normal weight. A person’s BMI multiplied by the activity multiplier that each gender needs. BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate.

After being able to compute the number and multiplying it with the necessary activity multiplier, they will be able to come up with a number that corresponds to their daily calorie need. Of course, the formula for men and women to get their BMI is entirely different from each other. This is because of the distinct physical differences that men and women have.

In essence, the calorie needs for men and women are essentially the same. It all depends if the person is physically active and whether his or her Body Mass Index is ideal for his or her gender and weight.

The factors for determining a fixed calorie need for women is variable simply because of the factors that there are to consider such as age, weight, height, amount of exercise. The only constant similarity with regard to calories between men and women is the fact that more calories means more weight and few calories mean weight loss.

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