Interesting New Rules Of Healthy Eating

shutterstock_150404897When it comes to eating healthy, there are some age-old tips that many people follow. But new developments and research has led to the creation of new rules of healthy eating. Here are some of the interesting new rules that you should know about.

Eat the carrots, including the skin.

If you wish to get more nutrients out of carrots, try to wash them before eating instead of peeling them. The nutrients found inside the skin of a carrot is equal to the amount in a peeled carrot.

Learn to embrace bitter-tasting foods.

Most people may be averse to eat anything bitter. But vegetables or fruits that taste bitter is known to be more nutritious and offer more health benefits. Bitter gourd for example is highly nutritious and is packed with vitamins and minerals despite its bitter taste.

Rip the lettuce before storing it.

Here is an interesting tidbit that you may not know about- ripping lettuce leaves before you store them for later consumption can actually make them more nutritious than when you store them whole. People tend to forget that plants are still alive even when they reach your home. The act of ripping lettuce leaves can trigger a sort of defense mechanism on the plant that lets it produce around four times the amount of antioxidant-rich substances. This makes the leaves even more nutritious.

Consider dark colored foods.

Eating dark colored vegetables and fruits may be a healthier choice than choosing light-colored ones. The dark colored vegetables and fruits are known to contain anthocyanin, a nutrient that can offer more health benefits compared to other plant nutrients.

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