Trimming Down the Right Way

womanDeprivation is a bad thing for dieters, according to Dietician Cynthia Sass (co-author of Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy), as trimming more than 500 calories a day can slow down one’s metabolism and could even trigger more intense food cravings. This is why diet experts recommend to trim your food intake wisely.

Women’s Health magazine compiled a list of to-do’s in trimming down, depending on how fast you want to lose the excess weight, all without having to ditch the cake.

How to lose one pound per week – The secret is to trim off 500 calories daily, starting with avoiding any restaurant food and its excess oils, staying away from large-size cappuccino, saying no to pre-dressed salads, and refusing any cocktail. Instead, stick to home-cooked meals, grab a sugar-free medium cappuccino with fat-free milk (or any other low-calorie perk-me-upper), order salad dressing on the side and dip your fork into it before pinching a bite of salad, and going for a glass of club soda (or a bottle of light beer or a glass of chardonnay) to cap the night.

How to lose one pound every two weeks – To achieve this, you need to cut out 300 calories a day. Cook up leaner meals by using canola oil, sauteing vegetables with broth rather than butter, using skim milk instead of heavy cream among other healthy alternatives. You also need to downsize your plates and bowls. If you need to dine out, cut the entree in half and have one half wrapped for take out. You also need to avoid any sweetened beverage like soda and fruit juice.

How to lose one pound per month – The trick is to trim 100 calories off your diet daily. For starters, buy low-calorie breads or replace it with lettuce to sandwich your favorite cold cuts. Use salsa instead of guacamole for your chips, sour cream on your baked potato, and mayo on your wrap. Light salad alternatives include grated Parmesan cheese, hummus, and lightly toasted pecans. You also need to avoid watching television while eating (as you tend to eat more while in front of the tube), mix club soda with equal amounts of wine, keep candy out of reach, and eat low-calorie and fiber-rich foods before taking a meal.

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