Best Snacks After Exercise

Not only does exercising make you sweat, it also burns calories, which in return drains off your body’s fuel. You can gain back calories by eating, but consuming a lot of food would cancel out the efforts you have made in the gym. Indiana University researcher Joel Stager, PhD, shared his knowledge about nutrition with Prevention magazine, which are sorted out according to the level of physical activity.

After a 30-minute walk – The best way to refuel your body is by drinking a glass of water and that’s it.

After a 45-minute cardio, with intervals – A sweat-inducing workout deserves a 100-calorie snack, such as a cup of yogurt or a handful of cereals.

After a six-mile power walk – Walking briskly for six miles could take about 90 minutes. The best post-exercise snack for that activity is a 150-calorie snack, like one-half of peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

After one hour of strength training – All that heavy lifting could make you hungry. A regular meal within half an hour after finishing your session is recommended.

Source: Prevention

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