Energized Eating Tips

People try to eat in order to get energy. But not everyone may be quite as effective at this as others. Getting the most energy out of eating requires that you know how to choose the types of food that can provide you with such. Here are some energized eating tips that you can follow.

Eat protein for breakfast.

One way to have that energy for the day is by eating your breakfasts packed with proteins. Around 5 grams of protein for your breakfast can just about do it for you. Protein triggers the production of norepinephrine, a neurochemical that increases the heart rate and keeps you more alert. Proteins also take more time to digest, making your blood sugar and energy levels stay more constant throughout the day.

Consider eating mini-meals through the day.

Another way to enjoy constant energy levels through the day is by eating five mini-meals instead of the usual three-meal set-up. Schedule eating mini-meals of 350 calories each every three to four hours along with two 100-calorie snacks in between. This will help prevent your body from feeling starved as well as help you get the nutrients your body needs on a more constant basis.

Add more vitamin C in your diet.

Lack of sleep can rob you of energy during the day. But not a lot may know that lack of vitamin C in your diet may also have the same effect. Vitamin C produces carnitine, a molecule that helps the transfer of fatty acids to cells to be converted into energy. Lack of carnitine may make the body use carbs or protein instead for energy. The process can lead to lactic acid to accumulate in the tissue and muscles, making them feel fatigued.

Don’t forget some iron.

Many people may be going around lacking in this mineral and wonder why they feel so tired most of the time. Lack of iron can cause you to become anemic. Iron helps deliver oxygen into the muscles in order to make them function well. This will help increase energy levels. Try to get around 18 mg of iron daily by munching on salads with spinach or on pumpkin seeds which are rich in iron.

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