Common Food Mistakes People Make

Achieving and maintaining good health is dependent on one’s own actions. From practicing proper hygiene to following a proper diet, people are always responsible for maintaining what they consider as good health. But unfortunately, many people can make mistakes that sometimes they are quite unaware of. Here are just some of them that are related to food and one’s diet.

Buying And Storing Bagged Lettuce

Eating greens like lettuce is indeed a healthy habit. But how you buy and store your vegetables may not be ideal, according to doctors. If you buy bagged washed and pre-cut lettuce, you may not be assured of having fresh and clean vegetables all the time. Since bagged lettuce are composed of multiple heads of lettuce collected, washed, and mixed together, there is an added risk of contamination if one lettuce ends up carrying toxic pathogens. They can spread to otherwise clean lettuce when they are mixed together. Rinsing them will usually just let the surface debris off and leaving deep seated pathogens still there. You can end up getting E.coli or Salmonella when you use the lettuce uncooked such as when you make salads or sandwiches. It is better buying whole lettuce heads instead.

Rinsing Raw Meat Prior To Cooking

Rinsing meat or chicken before you cook them is no longer necessary. If you feel the need to clean meat to avoid food contamination by pathogens, you can be assured that cooking them will do the job just as well. But it can be a mistake rinsing them with water especially if you are handling meat with a bit of contamination. That is because the water droplets can help spread the pathogens all over your kitchen and to other food.

Buying Seafood First When Doing Groceries

Seafood is considered to be the most temperature-sensitive foodstuff you can buy at the grocery. They can easily start to produce toxins as they decay, even if you leave them at room temperature. So if you buy them first, you run the risk of having them develop some pathogens once you remove them out of the grocery freezers. Avoid this problem by putting them into your grocery cart just right before you head on to the cashier to pay.


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