Popular Health Habits That Are Not What They Seem

Popular health fads can sometimes promote certain things that may not really be good for you. These fads can make you develop certain habits that you think will help you stay fit and healthy. There are some habits that work and there are some of the supposedly “good” ones that you are better off avoiding. Here are just some of them.

Loading up on vitamin and health supplements

Some people have made it a habit of using vitamin and health supplements in order to stay fit and healthy. But it can go the wrong way if people start to depend on it more and more instead of getting nutrients the natural way, which is when eating. Food is still the best way to get the nutrients that your body would need. Vitamin supplements should just be able to fill in the gaps. But if you develop the habit of getting your nutrient needs via the different supplements you take, then you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Remember that most supplements does not guarantee to give you everything you need. There might not be any proof that they will work at all.

Habitual juicing

Juicing has become a popular fad recently. But it may not always be the healthy option if you make it into a frequent habit. While you may be getting some essential nutrients from the juices you take, you might also be losing on certain essential ones that your body needs, like fiber. Moreover, most juices you take may contain more sugar to make them easier to drink, which may not always be a healthy thing to do.

Consuming sugar-free, low-fat products

Low-fat and sugar-free products are marketed with the health-conscious consumer in mind. While they may sound “healthy”, these products may not be as good for you as they say they are. Many low-fat products can contain more sugar in order to make them tastier to consumers. Sugar-free products can sometimes contain more carbohydrates from the sugar substitutes they use. It is important that you avoid the habit of using products just because they carry such labels in them. It is still important to read the nutrition facts when you do so.


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