Healthy Snacking

coffeePart of caring for oneself is to be able to provide enough nutrients to the body while feeling good about it. After all, it’s no use if you’re not happy with what you’re eating. That being said, here are a few feel-good treats that would definitely be an awesome experience for your palate as well as your overall emotions.


This caffeine-induced beverage is known to boost one’s physical and mental performance if taken in moderate amounts. It is definitely something to include in every day’s meal.

If you are overly conscious about getting too much caffeine, you can opt for an espresso instead. It will be optimal if you drink coffee before lunch while switching to water for your afternoon beverages. Just be wary of the jitters when you take in too much of coffee.


The secret of this food is that it is definitely good for one’s temperament as well as brain. Lecithin, which is contained in the yolk, is very good for the brain cells as it protects them from oxidation. Only try to eat it without adding any butter for frying as the added fat is a serious no-no for anybody.

Whole grains

These types of foods are now better tasting than ever and they contain the right amount of fiber for a healthy digestive system. You can find whole grains by going to the carbohydrates aisle to look for whole-wheat bread or pasta.

There are also breakfast cereals which have more than four grams of fiber which is essentially enough for your daily fiber needs.

For rice lovers, you can also opt to get brown rice instead of white rice just to get enough fiber in your system. This particular food evens the mood after the long hours that follow breakfast and lunch.


Everybody loves popcorn. So why not eat more of it? Be sure to get the low-fat microwave ones and be reminded to skip the butter or maybe cut back on it. It is an easy-to-find snack which also contains no trans fat and little saturated fat.

This air-popped snack is also able to boost one’s energy and gives you a protein boost if you add some string cheese of some almonds to it.

For a feel-great snack that is sure to be a great hit, shake about five ounces of finely chopped bittersweet chocolate in the bag while it is still hot and add about half a cup of almond nuts. Try and it and be amazed at how great it tastes.

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