Common Misconceptions About Nutrition

Staying healthy and fit is all about having the right nutrition day in and day out. When done together with regular exercise, good nutrition can ensure that individuals can stay fit and healthy. But there are certain misconceptions that people tend to believe when it comes to their nutrition. Here are some of the common ones to consider.

Staying away from red meat is healthy.

A common misconception about healthy nutrition is that people should avoid red meat as much as possible. But trying to banish red meat from ones diet completely may not be good. First, lean meats can also be a good source of other nutrients such as iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. These are needed in order to build those muscles. Instead of totally removing red meat from one’s diet, choosing leaner cuts and eating them in moderation may be a healthier option.

Multi-vitamin supplements can provide you with all your nutrient needs.

Taking multi-vitamin supplements can compensate for nutrients that you may not get from your daily diet all of the time. But this does not mean that they can be a substitute for food. Some may consider relying on multi-vitamin supplements and eating less in order to lose weight. But this may not be a healthy way of doing it. It is still better getting the right nutrition from natural sources such as food. This way, the body can easily absorb them. Vitamin supplements are only ideal to fill in those nutritional gaps and not as replacements.

You can eat herbs as much as you can.

Many people consider eating herbs as a healthy addition to one’s diet. They are a healthy source of many nutrients to stay fit and healthy. But it would be a mistake if you take herbs without setting limits. Just like other foods, you can only eat a certain portion of herbs for them to be healthy. Some may contain compounds that may be unhealthy if taken beyond what the body needs. You may also need to keep your consumption of herbs in check.

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