How to Prevent Athlete Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that is usually found on the skin between the toes, sometimes spreading to the toenails. One of its drawbacks is that it makes your feet smelly, drawing attention from other people and makes you embarrassed as well. Here are our tips on how to treat it and prevent from having one in the future.

Treatment products – There are a variety of products that can be used on the foot and toe nails that kill the fungi on your feet. These treatments range from foot powders to coal-infused socks to topical and even oral drugs. Ask your podiatrist for the treatment that fits you best.

Keep your feet clean and dry – Bathe your feet at least once a day with soap and water. Dry your foot thoroughly after bathing and keep them dry. 

Change socks frequently – Especially if your feet perspire heavily. Also, buy socks that absorb moisture, such as cotton and wool. 

Give your feet some air to breathe – Expose your feet to the air for short periods of time throughout the day, but do not walk barefoot. 

Wear sandals with open toes – Do this whenever possible.

Protect your feet from moist or wet floors – Remember to wear sandals or shoes when walking on such surfaces.

Never share personal things with other people – Not only should you not share shoes with others, you should also avoid using other’s towels and socks.

Choose footwear that allows for circulation of air – Several shoe products have been released featuring ventilation on your feet. Consider buying these if your feet perspire heavily.

Keep the floors in shared facilities clean and dry – This includes your bathroom and your kitchen, where a lot of people roam around. Remember that moisture attracts bacteria and fungi to breed and multiply.

Use foot powder – This keeps your feet clean and dry while they are in shoes. Put some on your feet, as well as inside the socks, and in the shoe as well.

Clean athletic shoes frequently – Several products are available that cleans the insides of your athletic shoes. Ask your local shoe store or supermarket for more information.

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