Tips For Trying Unique Weight Loss Diets

There are different types of diet people follow for weight loss. Some can be more effective than others. But sometimes, a diet may be effective in helping you lose weight. But it may not necessarily be a healthy way to do so. Unique types of diets can sometimes fall into this unsafe category. There are different types of weight loss diets people follow that may be effective but are not ideal for long periods of tim

Understanding The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet is a type of fad diet where nutritional intake is based on an individual’s blood type. It is considered a fad diet because currently, no studies have proven that it may actually work, especially in terms of weight loss. It is not the same as saying that following this type of diet may be devoid of benefits. The blood type diet was first advocated by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo. He cl

Common Nutrition Myths That Can Mislead You

With the modern ways that we now get information, it can be easy to obtain what we need to know. While the Web may offer a convenient means to get useful data, it can also be just as easy to be misled by false information. There are quite a lot out there when it comes to your nutrition. Certain myths have easily spread that many people mistake as fact. Here are some of them. You need a cleansing diet to get rid of

Surprising Habits That Slow Down Metabolism

When you wish to become more effective in losing excess weight, boosting your body metabolism can help make the process go faster. There are ways to help you increase your body metabolism. There are also certain habits that can slow it down. Here are some surprising habits that can slow down your metabolism. Fasting Or Extreme Cleansing Some people engage in fasting to cleanse the body of toxins. They also do it be

Common Nutrition Myths

In our quest to live a healthy lifestyle, we try to get more information on what is healthy and what is not. Over the years, we tend to gather certain health tidbits that we think are true and factual. But some things do not really tell us the whole thing. In the end, we begin to believe some health fact that turn out to be a myth. When it comes to nutrition, there are a lot. Here are the common ones that you shoul

Healthy Eating Alternatives

We are now living in a world where processed food is the norm. While they are convenient to eat, most processed foods are considered as unhealthy for our bodies. One reason is that processing them may require the addition of ingredients that may either be harmful for our bodies or too much for our daily consumption. In order to continue eating healthy, people may need to reduce their consumption of processed food a

Top Tips To Help You Stick To Exercise

Exercising your way towards a healthy body is not easy for most people. There are times when they might take the short cut or even take a pass for a day even if they should be in the gym. Making exercise a habit takes discipline and motivation. It also helps if you can prevent cheating on yourself when you need to exercise. Here are some tips that will help you stick to your regular exercise regimen when you can. G

Interesting New Rules Of Healthy Eating

When it comes to eating healthy, there are some age-old tips that many people follow. But new developments and research has led to the creation of new rules of healthy eating. Here are some of the interesting new rules that you should know about. Eat the carrots, including the skin. If you wish to get more nutrients out of carrots, try to wash them before eating instead of peeling them. The nutrients found inside t

So-Called Healthy Foods To Avoid This Winter

Healthy eating is important for people who wish to stay fit. Every season that comes offer different types of food to eat. Some may be categorized as healthy food while some are not. Some may even mistake foods being healthy when they are actually not. And since the winter season is coming, here are so-called healthy foods that you are better off avoiding. Fat-Free Turkey Some may consider turkey as a main staple f

Can You Be Fat and Fit?

While we often associate fat with anything that is bad in our body, there are people who look bigger than usual yet live an active lifestyle. There are football players, shot putters, hunters, and other people who do not let their large size deter their performance. So it begs to question: is it possible to be fat and stay fit? Health magazine asked two experts and their opinions are clashing to say the least. &